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What is Tickleberry Place?

Tickleberries are imaginary and miniature creatures who spend their days helping each other and working with the land. They live in a “solar powered” world and have the utmost respect for the sun, and all things natural and organic. The sun powers everything for the Tickleberries.

Tickleberry Place is unknown to the outside world. It is filled with small farms, gardens, rolling grasslands and meadows. It has an abundance of trees and plants. Everything the sun touches in Tickleberry Place seems to have a little bit of magic, especially the plants. Through nature and the power of the sun, Tickleberries enjoy modern conveniences without the wires, pollution and other negatives associated with today’s technology.

Meet the Tickleberries

Terry - image
Terry - image


Evie’s Best Friend

Terry is Curious - image
Terry is Brave - image
Terry is Kind - image

Terry is the unofficial leader of this small group of friends. He is a curious and fearless kid who views the world with a childlike sense of wonder. He is willing to give anything a try. He spends his days exploring, learning and playing in Tickleberry Place with his friends, Evie, Kato and Kina. Terry is an eternal optimist and can often be heard expressing his excitement through his favorite word, “Tickletastic!”

Evie - image
Evie - image


Terry’s Best Friend

Evie is Problem Solver - image
Problem Solver
Evie is Generous - image
Evie is Creative - image

Evie is a smart and insightful problem solver. She can always be expected to use her creative and questioning mind to help her friends through a potential problem or obstacle. Evie thinks outside the box. She is generous and loves to share. Whenever conflict is present, Evie, the peace keeper will help bring everyone back to the same page.

Kato - image
Kato - image


Kina’s Twin Brother

Kato is Shy - image
Kato is Clumsy - image
Kato is Artistic - image

Kato is shy and forgetful. Among his friends, he has the reputation of being the clumsy one. Lucky for Kato, his twin sister, Kina, is always close by to help him up, or out of any predicament. Kato has a vivid imagination and enjoys expressing it in various artistic formats.

Kina - image
Kina - image


Kato’s Twin Sister

Kina is Messy - image
Kina is Sensitive - image
Kina is Sassy - image

Kina is Kato’s twin sister. She is the silly one of the group and has enough sass for all of them. But don’t let her sassiness fool you, as she is super sensitive and over-the-top sympathetic. Her softer side comes in useful as she often helps Kato, her twin brother, pick himself up after one of his clumsy incidents. Kina is messy. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t help but make a mess.

Terry, Evie, Kato & Kina are Best Friends


This particular group of Tickleberry children loves to play. Every day they visit their secret playhouse where they are presented with new items to play with. Through simple story telling and songs, these four friends are introduced to ideas which build their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and social skills, while encouraging positive communication methods.

The lessons taught at Tickleberry Place promote more present, reflective and confident children.

The Journey

Meet Lauren McElroy!

Founder and CEO, Lauren had a dream to create an entertainment company where all kids can explore new ideas, and learn about healthy living in a fun and creative way. She utilized her background in User Experience Design to develop Tickleberry Place, which began as a family entertainment center in her home town of South LA and has since expanded to a children’s animation series, a place accessible to all. Tickleberry’s mission continues to expand through the series, partnerships and beyond.










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