What is Tickleberry Place?

Tickleberry Place is a space for play, learning and eco-friendly fun. It’s a place for families!

Serving the South LA area, TBP exists to provide not only a (really, really cool) place to play, but also to collaborate with kids and families in making sustainable swaps and developing healthy habits.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and eco-friendly environment for kids in our community; At Tickleberry Place, kids and their families can explore new ideas, and learn about healthy living in a fun and creative way.

Our awesome eco-activities, classes, crafts and play areas are designed inspire littles to be resourceful, creative, and (most importantly) have fun! Here are a few other things you can expect at TBP:


natural interactions and
green-minded goodness.


authentically warm,
honestly enjoyable.


materials AND memories
made to last.


because everyone deserves
a safe, fun place to play

Our Story

Founders (and twins!) Lauren and Meghan grew up absolutely immersed in a world of active play and learning. They made it their mission to bring that same childhood experience to as many kiddos and families in South LA as possible.

After attending college in the Midwest, Lauren and Meghan returned to their native LA to set down roots. Looking around at their old stomping grounds, one thing became apparent very quickly: South LA was in desperate need of a safe, fun place for the children in the community.

And so, Tickleberry Place was born.
Lauren and Meghan wanted to provide more than a warehouse with random play areas and pizza. They wanted to create a world where kids can go to be kids. Creation, exploration, and learning (and also super-tasty, super healthy snacks) are at the core of everything they do.

Come in and play. All are welcome here.

Say Hello

Have any questions about TBP? We can’t wait to answer them for you! Are you a local vendor looking to get involved? We’d love to hear from you, too.